work Credit being stolen

Claire* never got the promotion she deserved. Inevitably someone else took all the credit for her innovations and hard work.

This had been a pattern throughout her life. Finally with a psychic overview she was able to identify these karmic patterns and stop putting herself out in the cold.

Claire* became energetically bulletproof and was never anyone’s victim again.

Climb the corporate ladder faster

Brianna* is a hotshot whiz kid working for a major corporation who everybody is jealous of.

She’s younger than most coworkers by about 10 years and she wanted to understand all of her coworkers and upper management driving forces.

We created psychic profiles on all the major players and knew weeks and even months in advance what their reactions would be to different the ideas she would present.

She was able to climb the corporate ladder using their thoughts and emotions to her benefit.


Job insecurity

Grace* was experiencing a company downsize due to a merger.

Many people of her age and experience were being axed.

We were able to map the merger ahead of time and provide the safest moves within this volatile situation so she could keep her job.



Harmony is a divining rod for your highest good. She channels accurate and detailed information that is useable. She sees the levels of nuance in your situation quickly, and she is able to understand, break it down, and communicate it to you in an understandable way. She helps you see the bumps coming up in the road and gives you the tools to navigate around them. 
She is a champion of self-love. If you are putting yourself in a position where you are hurting yourself or getting the in the way of your own healing ( and let’s face it, we all do that), she will call that out in a clear but compassionate way. She will tell you the truth, even if it hurts to hear. 
I have been working with Harmony for years, and she has believed in me and been my staunch ally even when I couldn’t believe in myself and felt completely alone. She has been a major influence in helping me overcome my entrenched patterns of damaging myself, believing myself to be less than, and giving my own agency away in exchange for a brief moment of perceived connection. She is a powerful, intelligent, and profoundly talented person to have in your corner.


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