Just a little magic Hors D’oeuvres ….

Hi there people, this is a blog to let you in on my slightly tilted magical world.
I come from the heart of it all.
and I am a universal translator.
Infact I talk to everything ,the deva of my car and computer, the ent in my yard ,water before I
drink it, puppys..(ha my daugter always holds them up to me and demands Ask him his name!”) my horses, rocks, flowers, fire
the earth
and people lots and lots of people.

Profesionally I am a psychic more acuratly though I am a green witch.
Which for me is very naturel in fact almost unavoidable.
Nature and my higest self.. thats what I learn from.
I belive,
that is the type of magic I practice…believing.
the trick, the tuff part is finding real reasons to belive in the impossible.
Well folks I plan to dance and twirl all over this subject so err stay tunned!

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