What says the Rue plant?


Flower essence first communication September 2007 Tarot archetype association Ace of swords.

I began communicating with the plant commonly known as rue. My first interaction was inspiring. On the green rolling hills of Xico Mexico we have planted a small herbal garden. I noticed that the Rue was doing especially well. So I decided to to speak with the little yellow flowers of the Rue plant. I sit down quietly in front of the plant, I sent it greetings and asked if it could tell me what remedy its flower essences is for. Its communication was forthcoming it told me in a highly educated voice ” This is not my normal mode of communication, I work with THOUGHT forms.”

Rue told me that it was helpful for communicating in THOUGHT forms. Whereupon I began to wonder about the safety of such practices. And immediately this preoccupation was resolved by the plant which emits a very clean mental state tht seems quite emotionless and protected.

The main impressions for this plant involve highly intelligent, complex concepts in the form of thought, impenetrable protective emotionless state. Mental clarity, protection, higher thinking. If you truly want to understand a thing take rue flower essence and focus on the thing you wish to know.

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