I am Harmony, a gifted clairvoyant empath who has been delivering psychic insights to  thousands of people around the world for nearly three decades. When my abilities first began to manifest, I found myself overwhelmed by the emotions of others and realized my calling in life was to help in any way I could.

I developed and honed my abilities in a nature-based community, where I came to understand our universal sameness. That common fabric that binds us all so tightly together is also what wraps the the stars a
round the galaxies and what knits the entire universe together. I believe strongly that self-love and healing are the result of connection to that universal Source, and my job as a conduit is to unlock a pathway so you can touch the Source yourself, to understand your cosmic heritage and feel your universal sameness, to fill your voids and mend your holes with the ancient energy of creation.
Clairvoyance comes from French and means “clear sight”. What is opaque and impenetrable about yourself, a romantic partner or a life situation is transparent to me. I can see through skin and and bone. I can look through subterfuge and defensiveness. I can see past the lies designed to cover and obscure the truth. I specialize in wiping away these layers and describing the truth of your situation.
When you are at a crossroads with a big life or career decision, when you are struggling with the pain of a complex romantic relationship, when you are exhausted from pouring all your energy into changing a situation that just won’t budge…
I can look into the tangled threads of your situation and see the real dynamics at play. I can de-mystify your partner’s words or actions. I can predict what he or she will do so you can be prepared to make the best choice for yourself.
Empathic means being able to feel other’s thoughts, feelings and attitudes. I can feel what another person feels. I can feel that place deep inside someone where they are incapable of lies. When I ask a question, they tell me who they are, why they act and react as they do and what their true feelings are. I can explain these things to you quickly and clearly. This insight into another person is like a roadmap showing you exactly where the pitfalls and potholes are, so you can guide your communication around them, steering toward honesty and authenticity.
Above all, I want you to grow and thrive and reach your full potential. Your well-being is my only concern. I am committed to helping you realize your own importance and embrace the path that frees you to connect to the Source and love yourself first and best.
Thank you for considering allowing me to serve you, and I look forward to our work together.